Hydrover Automation System

The Hydrover Automation System is our solution to actual industrial and mobile automation needs that are hard to face with standard PLC.

It is composed of two brand of boards: industrial and mobile.

We have made a big effort in putting together a single developement system that works on both brands, that way you can share and reuse your code within various different applications.

Hydrover Developement System

The Hydrover Developement System is a collection of software tools and libraries that you can use for free to develop your applications.

Industrial Solution

Image Code Description
H6105-D.png H6105-D Control Panel, master of the system
H6105-E.png H6105-E Control Expansion, slave board for expanding inputs of H6105-D
H6103.png H6103 Input Output, slave board for sensing inputs and drive outputs
H6104-P.png H6104-P Control Axis, slave board for proportional PWM axis control

Mobile Solution

Image Code Description
- - Control Panel, master of the system that can be interfaced with: trucks / tractors
MB.png HYD-MB-REV-1.1 MB Power Module, slave board with: digital / analog / pwm / input / output / power output